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Your one-stop shop for all chainmail creations!
Within our site you will find our mail items, there are separated by categories,
We offer mail in from costume grade to combat grades, all primarily made from aircraft aluminum but if you desire something special we can craft a custom set of chainmail just for you. If you prefer a particular material, we can custom craft your item for you using that material. All of our items are hand crafted at our shop, so we can offer a variety of ring sizes, we also anodize our own rings allowing us to offer over 15 different colors and more on the way. All of this allow us to offer a variety of  weaves for your creations. So please browse around and of you have any questions or would like to order an item please contact-us.
It is our goal to provide you with a great shopping experience.
We design and hand-craft everything from dog armour to people armour, chainmail apparel, accessories, and jewelry. 
So, if you are looking for people or pet armour, we can craft it for you, or you can browse the store for already crafted items.
So why Chainmail?
Chainmail really shines against slashing blows. It would take an extraordinarily heavy blow from a very sharp sword to cut mail with a slashing attack.
For thousands of years various styles of armour have played an important role in decisive battles in our world's history.  Armour literally means "a protective covering". Today this can refer to such things as Kevlar body armour, a hockey helmet, or even the heavy steel plates that blanket most modern assault vehicles. 
Moreover since the impact of the slash would be redistributed, being hit in this manner whilst wearing mail would have little or no effect.
Certain weaves such as the ones we use in our heavier armor can protect against piercing blows as well.
Mail is also effective overall because it protects against having one's skin broken, and minimizing the penetration of the object thus reducing the damage to the wearer.
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