Combining ancient craft with modern material 

Modern Armour in Spring Hill is the perfect place to outfit yourself, whether is a night on the town, or a Knight in shining armor, we can craft that unique item you have been looking for, or you can select one of our crafted items.

Hello, Welcome to Modern Armour

Within our website you will find the products we craft, there are separated by the type of apparel you may be looking for, for easier navigation, such as apparel, costume, LARP, and full contact combat as well as other curios. We offer maille in three grades Combat, LARP and Costume grades, all primarily made from aircraft aluminum but if you desire something special we can craft a custom set of chainmail just for you. If you prefer a particular material, we can custom craft your item for you using that material.

We have crafted many types of Armor, from Fantasy armor such as Light leather apparel, to costume chainmail shirts, and scale mail shirts, to full contact chainmail hauberks, and steel scale taberts. We als craft a variety of different addons to finish that special outfit you have been working on.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, and we will attempt to craft it for you.